Rasha Al Janaby, electrical engineer

I don’t like routines

She took her driving license in six weeks and learned Swedish at a furious speed. Rasha Al Janaby moved with her husband from Baghdad-the place she was born and raised-to Sweden and quickly decided to assimilate into the new country.

She had been working as an electrical engineer for seven years, an occupational title she regained when a position came up at Höganäs. Today, Rasha as an electrical engineer for the plants in Höganäs, is responsible for tracing causes for electrical faults when they occur. Power failures can lead to major costs, but instead of feeling pressurised, Rasha likes that this makes her feel important.

- I believe it's important to enjoy what you do, to be creative and endeavour to become proficient. I don't like routines, it's exciting when new things are happening every day. I enjoy developing.