Sandra Nilsson, civil engineer

International links for Sandra at Höganäs

Sandra Nilsson had a summer job at Höganäs 20 years ago and got a very positive impression of the company. Then last year she came back, this time as the head of production development at the Distaloy plant.

Sandra had a summer job at Höganäs while she was a student, and she says she’s continued to watch the company’s development with interest over the years. She worked in Lund initially when she completed her M.Sc. But the opportunity to return to Höganäs arose a few years after the family moved to Höganäs.

“Höganäs has a long and fascinating history, and I really enjoy being part of its development. Moreover, it’s really exciting to see how little Höganäs has managed to produce a global, world-leading company like this one,” says Sandra.

She explains that the company’s worldwide reach was one of the reasons why she decided to apply for a job with Höganäs. She used to work with an international company, and she feels that being part of a wider context creates a positive atmosphere.

The company has customers, staff and production plants all over the world, and in her present role as head of production development at the Distaloy plant she has plenty of dealings with people in other countries.

“I used to work with development mainly, and compared with that I find working with production is much more fast-paced. We need to make quick decisions on how we should proceed, and the decisions we make have a direct impact on product quality and Höganäs customers. We’re always on the go, and I find that stimulating.”

Sandra says her view of Höganäs is still very positive. It’s a company that looks after its staff, where people enjoy working, and lots of people stay with the company for a long time. The fact that she’s one of a relatively small number of women working in production isn’t really something that Sandra pays any attention to.

“Of course production is a male-dominated area, but more women are joining all the time – and the ratio of men to women isn’t really all that important, because this is a modern company with a great community of people.”