Seung Joo Kim, Plant Manager

We rely on satisfied and engaged employees

Swedish and South Korean cultures are worlds apart, but Busan Plant Manager Seung Joo Kim thinks that’s just an advantage.

- Combining the two cultures can be a challenge, admits Seung Joo. South Koreans want things to happen quickly and we have had to become familiar with the Swedish, horizontal structure, where employees are always informed about what’s going on in the company, and get to have their say.

Seung Joo feels that, by taking the positive aspects of the two cultures, they are getting the best of both worlds in Busan.

- Koreans are good at making effective decisions and making things happen. The Swedish openness enables us to share experiences and best practice, and in that way grow as a company. This creates a synergy that benefits us all.

Seung Joo is convinced that the alliance between the cultures plays a part in achieving his goal: to run an effective, highly competitive plant.

- To succeed, we rely on satisfied and engaged employees. When the whole team is involved in the process the way they are in Höganäs, it creates a strong sense of community and belonging. It’s like a family, where everybody is comfortable and feels at home.