Vaishali Wagh, Logistics

I started from scratch, so I had nothing to lose

Vaishali Wagh worked her way up from being a receptionist to managing imports and exports. Now she has a job in which every day is different.

Vaishali joined Höganäs as a receptionist in 2000 and, after a few years, she became impex manager (imports and exports).

- Being a receptionist was a great way for me to learn about the company and meet a lot of people, but soon I learned I had new plans for myself, says Vaishali. Once I joined the supply chain, I found myself constantly on my toes. The new position demanded more ownership, initiative, and planning.

Vaishali describes her new job as dynamic and detail-oriented, with a “forest” of documentation.

- I deal with different challenges every day: sorting out export licences, liaising with government offices and banks, and coordinating with clearing agents. I have learnt that it’s crucial to follow through. For instance, if documents are not sent in time, a heavy demurrage charge has to be paid. So, customer service – to the very end – is important.

Vaishali believes that failure is not permanent, while success is:
- I started from scratch, so I had nothing to lose.