Vasant Pawar, Maintenance

Maintenance is more important than people realize

Since joining Höganäs nearly 20 years ago, father-of-two Vasant Pawar has worked his way up to Shift Manager Maintenance thanks to a positive outlook and a keen eye for detail.

For most people the word "maintenance" has a negative ring to it. It makes them think of something that's broken and needs fixing. For Vasant Pawar, the word "maintenance" has far more positive connotations.

- Just as professional athletes must train to keep their bodies in excellent shape to be able to perform, by keeping the machinery and facilities in the best possible condition we can produce higher quality products, he says.

Vasant joined Höganäs in November 1992 as an electrician. He had previously been working in the same role with Mahindra Sintered Products Ltd, which was partly taken over by Höganäs.

- I had the option of joining either Höganäs or Mahindra, but I choose to go with Höganäs because of its reputation for having a very good work culture, he says.