Bestari Ghea Dwilo
Talent Exchange Programme

“The programme gave me a chance to learn and develop my skills”

Bestari Ghea Dwilo enjoyed the hands-on experience she gained at the Technical Centre in Shanghai. The challenge now is to carry out her work without supervision.

Only a couple of months after Bestari joined Höganäs in Taipei as Technical Support Engineer, working with the Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean markets, she was asked to take part in the talent exchange programme. The programme is primarily designed for young co-workers with the aim to enhance their skills and also to promote diversity at the various sites.

“I had just graduated from the National Taipei University of Technology, so I was quite inexperienced when I got the job at Höganäs. My manager suggested that I get some internal training together with other co-workers. That seemed like a very good idea,” Bestari says.

She started her training in October 2018 and did three rounds of one month each. She returned to Taiwan with valuable new skills, and new friends.

“The training was an incredible opportunity to learn from people who are really good and passionate about what they do. I think the programme gave me a chance to learn and develop my skills not only as technical support but also as an individual,” Bestari says and adds:

“I also liked that we were several participants in the programme, because meeting with the others helped in my learning process. Often the others raised questions that hadn’t yet occurred to me. It also enhanced our teamwork skills.”

The participants divided their time between theoretical lessons in the classroom and practical skills training in the labs.

“I liked the practical part of the training the most. In the metallurgy lab we did customer service investigations. I was taught the whole process from the beginning to the end.”

During the training, Bestari changed her base from Taipei to Shanghai. It was her first visit to the city.

“I really liked it. It’s a beautiful city but also very crowded. Everything feels so convenient and modern. No one carries a wallet, everything is done over the mobile phone which was a bit of a shock to me as we haven’t reached that stage in Taiwan nor in Indonesia.”