Katherine Chen
Talent Exchange Programme

“I’ve learnt how to work in a different culture”

In her position as Technical Support Engineer at Höganäs in Shanghai, Katherine Chen works with customer support investigations. However, during Höganäs’ talent exchange programme, she has mainly been involved in sales.

“When I heard about the talent exchange programme I thought it was a great chance to see the world and meet new people from different cultural backgrounds and learn more about Höganäs’ processes. That’s why I wanted to join this programme,” says Katherine.

The programme was started to promote diversity at Höganäs’ sites globally. So far, mainly young co-workers have enrolled.

Katherine discussed the possibilities with Deborah Jiang, Vice President Human Resources and together they decided that Korea had a suitable position where she would get the most out of the programme.

“The greatest challenge has been the language barrier, but my Korean colleagues have helped me a lot,” she says.

In Korea Katherine has been involved in the sales department and has been following several customer projects closely.

“I know the Korean market by now, and I learn new things from the projects I’m involved in. I have also gained practical knowledge in various fields. In China most of our work focuses on powder metallurgy whereas in Korea they also work a lot with brazing and high alloy, so that is new to me. But it is interesting and exciting to explore new fields. I can also learn from my Korean colleagues, who are very seasoned and helpful.”

When Katherine was still in Shanghai, she met three programme participants who did their exchange in China.

“It was very nice, we shared different ideas with each other. Even if it is early days, I feel that I have learnt a lot through participating in the programme. I’ve also learnt how to work in a different culture and I think the programme has enriched me on a personal level. It is good to meet people from different backgrounds.”