Mangesh Patil
Talent Exchange Programme

“A unique opportunity to be part of a team made up of some of the best professionals”

For Mangesh Patil, Höganäs’ talent exchange programme has given him a unique opportunity to be part of a team made up of some of the best professionals in the industry.

Mangesh, who has a Master’s degree in welding engineering, joined Höganäs India in 2017, where he got to work with business development, including technical support to customers and finding new applications for the company’s metal powders. When he heard about the talent exchange programme, he was quick to jump at the opportunity.

He was accepted and offered a place at Höganäs’ ArcX Centre in China, a highly specialised customer support centre within surface coating.

“It has been a great experience so far. Working in ArcX involves tackling new challenges every day and discussing with your co-workers to find solutions. We constantly learn from our successes as well as failures. And most importantly, it is a pleasure to be part of a team with skills that very few people in the world have.”

He says that the knowledge he has acquired at ArcX will be highly beneficial in the future.

“I have learnt about different cladding processes, such as PTA (plasma transfer arc) and laser, which will help me solve process-related problems at the customer end. I have learnt metallography, which will help me analyse samples from customers. And I have learnt the importance of involving everyone in a team to gain access to as much expertise as possible.”

Living and working in a foreign country has also been a great experience for Mangesh and he says it has helped him to grow on a personal level. He describes the hospitality as almost overwhelming.

“I have made many new friends, most of them through work, and they are always there for me when I need something. We do lots of activities together on the weekends, such as cycling and travelling in the region. I am really enjoying my time here.”