Priyanka Gaikwad, Quality Engineer
Talent Exchange Programme

“A welcome opportunity to learn new skills”

For Priyanka Gaikwad, Höganäs’ talent exchange programme has been a welcome opportunity to learn new skills while also experiencing what it is like to live abroad.

“When I first heard about the programme, I didn’t have the required minimum of two years with the company. But I expressed my interest because I saw what a good opportunity it would be, and once I met all the qualifications, I was accepted to go and work at the Asia tech centre (ATEC) at Höganäs in China,” says Priyanka, whose original position is Quality Engineer with Höganäs in India.

At ATEC she has learnt a wide range of new skills and says she has deepened her understanding of metal powders, and of the testing and investigation processes. Her plan is to continue her training within metallography for surface coating and brazing.

Priyanka says that participating in the talent exchange programme has not just meant a great deal for her on a professional level; moving to Shanghai has also involved a steep learning curve in terms of adapting to living in an unfamiliar environment. While some challenges were rather cumbersome at first, they have also contributed towards greater self-confidence.

“It is not so easy here when you don’t speak Mandarin and I have had new challenges every day, be it asking for directions or realising that I have eaten something which I, as a vegetarian, shouldn’t have eaten. After a while though, things like that become funny memories and instead I value the cultural experiences gained from interacting with people from different backgrounds.”

She adds: “I have developed a better understanding of contrasting cultures, both business and social. I believe that I will go back home with advanced product and part knowledge, primarily metallography, compaction, sintering and heat treatment, as well as a set of technical skills for internal and customer support, which will help me contribute more towards the growth of our company.”