Yilia Yi
Talent Exchange Programme

“I really like this place”

Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC) materials are Yilia Yi’s line of work. For three months she swapped her office in Shanghai for the Electric Magnetic Applications (EMA) department in Höganäs, Sweden. “I really like this place,” she concludes.

Normally, Yilia works as Technical Support Engineer at Höganäs in Shanghai. She is also one of the participants who has been selected for Höganäs’ talent exchange programme. The aim with the programme is to enhance the skills of young co-workers and, at the same time, promote diversity at Höganäs’ sites around the world. Yilia was assigned to a position at Höganäs in Sweden.

“I wanted to get some valuable work experience and see what it was like to work at Höganäs in Sweden. I also wanted to get to know the country better. I really like this place, I have enjoyed walking along the beach, looking at the blue sky and I must say that Höganäs is a very pleasant place to live in,” she says.

From a professional point of view, her aim was to gain more knowledge about electromagnetic applications in general and to enhance her skills to better support customers once she returns in Shanghai.

“I think the most challenging part for me has been to learn how to operate the heat treatment furnace for different types of components. This is important to determine the component property, and also an important tool that enables us to support our customers. Thanks to my colleagues in Sweden I have gained a lot of practical experience in this,” says Yilia.

The programme, she adds, has been a great opportunity that also encouraged her to work in a way that will create more value for the company.

“I think Höganäs pays a lot of attention to the career development of the employees, the talent exchange programme is one example. During my time in Sweden I’ve learnt about heat treatment, quality control and how to make customer service investigation reports. All the skills I’ve learnt, I’ll take back to China to share with my colleagues there.”