No magic, just nature

Cleanit is a groundbreaking technology that helps remove contaminants in groundwater, industrial wastewater and soil. Simple, affordable and flexible, this 100% green technology is available for trial at zero cost.

This iron-based media is manufactured using leading-edge powder metallurgical technologies. Specialized manufacturing process gives the media a very high surface area and reactivity.

The green way to clean water

Imagine a highly effective, low-cost, low-energy and lowmaintenance method to produce clean, potable water. Difficult? Not so, if you let nature do its magic.

Cleanit removes contaminants by chemical reduction and physical adsorption processes, widely occurring in the nature.

Find out how in our case studies and learn more about it.

"No doubt, Cleanit is the best solution for Cr(VI) treatment. The pilot went very well, with incredibly low energy consumption and extreme efficiency.”

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私たちは、金属粉の可能性は、現在利用されているよりもはるかに幅広く活用できるものだと信じています。 また、金属粉が持続可能な開発に貢献できることに確信を持っています。 金属粉末ソリューションを使用することで、資源の不足、清潔な水の不足、再生可能エネルギーの必要性など、社会が直面している多くの課題を解決することに貢献できます