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ArcX – Comprehensive technical support for Surface Coating

Höganäs’ surface coating technology centres are committed to supplying the best technical services achievable to the surface coating industry. By creating ArcX, we have in effect established a powerhouse of coating expertise and equipment.

Technology centres

Expert know-how in materials, surface welding and flame spraying processes and customer applications make our four technology centres an exclusive resource in your work to optimise existing applications and develop new business opportunities.

At your service

Being the world's largest supplier of metal powders comes with an obligation. In order to grow, we do not only have to serve our customers in a manner that matches our market position, we have to outperform your expectations.

Adding capability

As an important part of our commitment to the surface coating industry, we are now adding new capacity to meet your need for reliable and effective support in the development of processes and new applications.

Four tech centres

At the forefront are our four technology centres, strategically located and able to serve customers all over the world. This is where we are setup to support you, in close cooperation, on a global scale. Sharing our expert know-how in materials, processes and customer applications.

ArcX World Wide

Höganäs’ four technology centres are strategically located and able to serve customers all over the world.

ArcX coating hub for thermal spray and powder welding

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Surface coating is a cost effective method to achieve high performance characteristics on exposed metallic surfaces.

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Material development

In addition to coating processes equipment, ArcX also benefits from Höganäs’ overall Material development R&D compentencies. By not only having access to our wear and corrosion testing, but also our metallographic labs, where theoretical calculations in various simulation tools such as ThermoCalc and JMatPr can be applied. Furthermore, an extensive range of state-of-the-art materials and powder testing equipment are available in-house.

Wear and corrosion lab

Hard faced components need to perform well when exposed to wear and corrosion in severe working environments. A complete prediction of wear and corrosion resistance of components in real working environments is of course not possible from results obtained under laboratory conditions.

Training and education

In recognising the importance of continuous learning and training, ArcX brings specialists from all over the world to conduct training and education in materials, processes and applications. Höganäs continues to be dedicated at organising different seminars and workshops, both at Höganäs facilities, and on site at customers and end-users.

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Technical area: Surface coating
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Technical area: Surface coating
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