PoP Centre

Making powder technology first choice

Design & analysis

In order to maximise the benefits of PM, one must design for PM. Obviously, this requires a thorough understanding of all the steps involved in PM design as well as access to appropriate material data. Based on your performance and design requirements, we can help evaluate and develop new PM concepts and improve existing ones.


  • FEA analysis and stress calculations/optimisation
  • Material data generation
  • Fatigue evaluations
  • System analysis
  • Connecting rod
  • Innovative brazing binder/paste developments and evolution
  • Design consultation 


Ready for PM transmission gears?

Based on input from you‒for instance gear calculation sheets, load spectrum and drawings‒we can conduct full investigations to see how you can benefit from the opportunities provided by Powder Metallurgy.

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ギヤ疲労データ;ヘガネス PoPセンターのFZGギヤテスト装置が、ギヤ疲労データ生成のために使用されています。 このデータは、新しい焼結ギヤのコンセプト設計に重要な役割を果たします。