PoP Centre

Making powder technology first choice


Material characterisation and testing has traditionally been one of our strongest competencies. With established competence in areas like fatigue analysis and more recent component test methods such as wear testing, we are able provide a wide range of material and component testing methods.

Facilitating powder selection

  • Mechanical testing: static properties, dynamic properties, wear
  • Material analysis: metallographic analysis, powder properties, rheology, phase transfer analysis
  • Chemical testing: corrosion testing, wet chemical analysis, material composition, compound analysis
  • Component testing: gear strength testing, wear testing
  • Fatigue testing: gear pitting resistance, adhesive and abrasive wear
  • Tribology: tribo engineering and wear testing


Customer service investigations

Our skilled and experienced team for analysis and troubleshooting services have a unique knowledge of PM material microstructures and their behaviour under different processing conditions.

Using our state-of-the-art metallographic laboratory – with equipment for sample preparation, light optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopes – we can provide fast and comprehensive customer service investigations and reports. This way we can help our customers understand the reason for application behaviour and the root cause for possible component failures.