Environmental remediation

CleanER™ zero-valent iron (ZVI) media delivers up to 1,000% greater surface area, reactivity, and longevity for your most circial in-situ chemical reduction (ISCR) remediation project.

CleanER™ zero valent iron (ZVI) media

Höganäs’ diverse product range includes:

  • Electrolytic Iron – Specifically derived from chemical electolysis of iron compounds, assuring the highest purity ‘food-grade’ products available anywhere in the world.
  • Sponge Iron – Produced from high purity iron ore and coke mix, this process yields iron media with the highest surface area and reactivity available.
  • Atomized Iron – Produced using a stream of molten iron and high pressure water, atomized iron produces fine iron particles of extremely high purity and uniform density.

CleanER™ remediation media


CleanER-SI.5 is the finest ZVI available and is produced via a specialty electrolytic process. CleanER-SI.5 is ideal for low-pressure injection, emulsified Zero Valent Iron (EZVI) blending, and insitu chemical reduction (ISCR) applications to enhance both biotic and abiotic remediation.

Packaging: 10 kg bag in a box | 25 kg bag or metal can | Nitrogen purged and vacuum sealed


CleanER-SI.10 is an electrolytic ZVI product which provides a slightly larger particle size than CleanER-SI.5. CleanER-SI.10 is ideal for colloidal ZVI injection and suspension applications.

Packaging: 20 kg bag. Outer box | Nitrogen purged and vacuum sealed


CleanER-SI.45 is a highly reactive atomized ZVI which has been specifically developed for optimum particle size to surface area ratio for blending and injection applications.

Packaging: 1 metric ton (tonnes) super sack | Specialty packaging available


CleanER-SI.100 is a sponge-iron ZVI media that is uniquely available from Höganäs. This highly reactive and ultra-pure ZVI media is ideally suited for blending with other Höganäs ZVI media to enhance reactivity, longevity, and hydrogen gas production. CleanER-SI.100 is also an excellent choice for soil blending, permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) or as a proppant in fracking applications.

Packaging: 1 metric ton (tonnes) super sack | 25 kg bags | Specialty packaging available


CleanER-SB.200 is an enhanced reactivity atomized ZVI media for use in fracking, soil blending, and permeable reactive barrier (PRB) applications. By blending ClearER-SB.200 with finer fraction Höganäs ZVI media, projects are assured of extended reactivity and hydrogen production in ISCR applications.

Packaging: 1 metric ton (tonnes) super sack | ZVI and sand Blends| Specialty packaging available


CleanER-SR.2 is a sponge-iron ZVI media specifically developed for permeable reactive barrier (PRB) in situ chemical reduction (ISCR) projects. This highly reactive 99% pure-iron media provides extremely high porosity and permeability to ensure the best balance of permeability and reactive longevity in soil and groundwater remediation applications.

Packaging: 500 kg super sack | Specialty packaging available

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Technical area: Soil & groundwater remediation
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