Climate neutral operations

Green reduction of iron ore

Fossil process coal used in our production is a challenge where we take the lead to become more renewable. The sponge iron plant is the only operation within the Group where we use fossil coke and anthracite to reduce iron ore into metallic iron. Today, the reduction process accounts for almost 70 percent of the Höganäs group’s direct CO2 emissions. 

Our development programme for renewable alternatives identified and tested biochar as a replacement for some of the fossil reduction chemicals in 2018. The ongoing development is promising and can, if successful, result in a reduction of up to 10 percent of Höganäs Group’s total direct emissions, or equivalent to 28,000 tonnes CO2 per year. 

The pilot plant for synthesis gas mentioned above can also be used to produce bio-coke. This will enable us to evaluate biogenic process carbon from various renewable raw materials with a long term objective to replace as much fossil carbon in the sponge iron process as possible.