Climate neutral operations

Transition to renewable fuels

There are currently few realistic alternatives to replace fossil fuels for Höganäs, due to the need for precise process control, high temperature and purity. To initiate a change we started the Probiostål project, which utilises the so-called Woodroll® process. 

After a number of lab studies, demonstrating the possibilities of the Woodroll process – the gasification and restructuring of biomass to synthesis gas – a pilot plant was build at our site in Höganäs, Sweden, to perform tests on an industrial scale.

The plant, which was inaugurated in 2018, gasifies forestry-based biomass to synthesis gas. The gas meets the manufacturing process requirements and can serve as a replacement for natural gas in our metal powder production. Pilot scale test production is expected to start during 2019. If the technology is proven for use on an industrial scale, the installed unit alone will enable us to reduce our fossil CO2 emissions by about 10,000 tonnes per year.

Höganäs received two environmental prizes during 2018 for this initiative. One from the Höganäs municipality and another from Skåne regional council. If successful, the Woodroll plant could potentially revolutionize the industry’s efforts in phasing out fossil fuels.