Building communities and responsible partnerships

Supporting communities where we operate

In line with our global commitment, we have developed a Group framework for community engagement and donations. The companies within Höganäs Group have the freedom to decide what to sponsor and support locally within the framework of our policy. 

During 2018, we attended the Global Child Forum in Stockholm together with Lindéngruppen who made a pledge that we would strive to create a framework for how to incorporate children’s voices into our business. A first meeting has taken place to analyse the needs and possibilities concerning children’s rights. 

The companies within Höganäs Group contributed to the local communities with equivalent to 1.97 MSEK during 2018. The most substantial individual contributions were given to promote education, especially for underprivileged students.

One area for substantial contributions are aid to vulnerable groups in society, such as the poor, the disabled and cancer victims. We also contribute to local sports clubs and facilitation of social programmes motivating young people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, fighting drugs and promoting physical activities.

We support several local initiatives aiming to increase knowledge and develop new technology by giving contributions to scholarships and research projects.

Community contributions