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Despite their minute size, metal powders have astounding powers. Particle shape, particle size distribution and chemical composition can be adapted to fit a wide range of different needs.

For example, press-ready mixes that easily flow and fill cavities in the mould, enabling pressing of intricate components, or powder-based cleaning media with huge surface area, which allow for efficient reaction with contaminants in air, water and soil. All of this is our home turf. We have developed metal powders and adapted their properties to various customers and markets since the 1950s. 

Today, our product portfolio contains more than 3,500 products, and we serve about 3,000 customers in 75 countries. Metal powders enable efficient production and prolonged product life in many different markets ranging from automotive, construction and mining, consumer goods and processing industries to agriculture, food fortification, water and soil treatment and the energy sector. 

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Our metal powders are used in a wide range of applications:

Powder metallurgy components

The design of structural components as pressed and sintered powder-metal parts has many inherent advantages over competing metalworking technologies. Using powder metallurgy (PM), complex parts that are close to net-shape, and with good part-to-part uniformity, can efficiently be mass-produced with few production steps. This leads to high material utilization, low energy consumption and reduced waste. PM components can also be engineered with unique value-adding features, such as wear and corrosion resistance, thermal properties and filtration capability.


Electromagnetic applications

Rotating and linear machines, sensors, fast-switching solenoids and inductive components can be optimized by using metal powders such as soft magnetic composites (SMC). The uniformity of the powder’s electromagnetic properties in all three dimensions enables maximized utilization of the electromagnetically active materials, thereby minimizing the amount of copper windings and permanent magnets needed.


Surface coating

The primary aim of thermal surfacing techniques utilising metal powders, is to improve a component’s resistance to, for example, wear or corrosion, and thus increase its lifetime. This is done in a cost-effective and sustainable way, as the component itself can be made in a low-alloyed material, and only the surfaces exposed to wear and/or corrosion are coated with a high-alloyed material. 


Additive manufacturing

Even though it is a relatively new technology, we believe that additive manufacturing has sustainability benefits. One potential advantage is improved resource efficiency in both the production and use phases due to the added design freedom. Another potential advantage is extended product life because of the stronger person-product affinity of customized goods. Industry can influence at least some of the possibilities within this emerging area, such as the optimization of both materials and processes for maximized resource utilization.


Water and soil treatment

As water shortage has become an urgent matter in many places across the world, we are happy to offer metal powder-based solutions for drinking water purification that can improve the lives of millions of people worldwide. Our portfolio also includes a process for industrial wastewater treatment, and media for soil and groundwater remediation.


Technical support and services

Höganäs is also a strong partner in offering application development capabilities, technical support and logistics solutions. Our customers can tap into our vast expertise, both in metal powders and their subsequent treatment in powder-based production processes, and in the design of a broad range of powder-based products.

As a world-leading supplier of powder materials, we want to contribute to our industry reaching its full potential by sharing our knowledge. Our tech centres around the world offer places where we can join forces, in close cooperation throughout the value-chain, to innovate and drive metal powder opportunities forward. Here we have the knowledge and the infrastructure to work with metal powder development, application design and prototyping as well as process optimization – an ideal platform for joint application engineering.

Our services range from straightforward prototyping or mechanical testing, to complete application development as exemplified by soft magnetic composites, where support encompasses material selection, electromagnetic application design and production process solutions. We support our customers with:

  • selection of the right material and processing for a given application
  • improvements in their supply chain, working environment and material utilization by offering press-ready mixes or ready-to-use brazing pastes in lean packaging, for example
  • development, testing and prototyping of new designs and concepts in cooperation with one of our tech centres
  • design of materials with specific properties
  • troubleshooting – identifying root causes for application failures and indicating corrections to processes and material choice for robust manufacturing
  • schools and onsite training

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