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A systematic approach to drive improvements

In order to work systematically to reduce risks and prevent accidents, our operations have health and safety management systems that cover all activities and co-workers and our target is to certify our systems with ISO 45001 by 2022. 

Our health and safety committees meet on a regular basis up to four times a year and include all levels of the organization, from shopfloor to managment levels. All co-workers are covered by the work of the health and safety committees. The purpose of the committees is to create a formalized way of collecting knowledge from all levels in the organization, open a dialogue and create a forum where improvements can be discussed and decided upon.

Health and safety training that is adapted to the individual work-related risk exposure is mandatory for all co-workers and general safety training is part of our induction process for new employees. Even though we want to become the benchmark for the steel industry concerning safety performance, our track record shows that we still have a long way to go and that ‘Safety First’ needs to remain our priority.

We also apply the systematic approach concerning precaution and preventative measures to minimize environmental impact, improve our performance and to avoid environmental non-compliances. During 2018 we had no reported breaches of environmental permits and no significant environmental accidents were reported.