Höganäs laboratory

Höganäs & Sustainability

Identifying our focus

Höganäs is a mature business with well-established relationships with major stakeholders and a long tradition of measuring and prioritizing social contribution, environmental impact and economic development.

Without considering the environment and the world around us, financial strength and success are unattainable and vice versa. This approach is the core of sustainable development for Höganäs. We have taken the first steps to integrate sustainability into our business planning, but we also realize that this is a journey that will need time and effort before we are where we want to be.

Based on the nature of our business, the input we receive from our stakeholders and the global challenges we are all facing, we have identified the most important areas to focus on. This materiality analysis has been carried out in the light of internationally agreed principles like the UN Global Compact and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.