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Diversity and inclusion

Respect, equal treatment and equal opportunity are fundamental to being an attractive employer and we view diversity as a long-term success factor.

The global steel industry has traditionally recruited more men than women, and we see the potential in encouraging women to discover the opportunities within our industry. Our target is to increase the number of female co-workers to 25 percent by 2021. The result in 2018 shows that we reached a level of 16 percent women, which is the same level as in 2017. During 2018, we have established the principle of 50/50 women and men on the long list of candidates in recruitments. We anticipate that our efforts will show positive results during 2019.

Gender distribution

Our Committee for Diversity and Equality, which mainly operates and focuses on our sites in Sweden, continuously highlights these challenging issues in ongoing dialogues with labour union representatives and other key stakeholders. Our internal diversity policy is currently only applicable in Sweden. During 2018 we have not succeeded in making significant progress with regards to establishing a group wide policy, but the dialogue continues and awareness and interest is increasing.

An absolute prerequisite to drive change in the organization is to reach gender diversity at top management levels and in positions where decisions are made. This is why we have set a target for the Group to have 20 percent female managers, and 50 percent female managers at levels 1 and 2 by 2021 (level 1 reporting to CEO and level 2 reporting to level 1). In 2018, we reached 17 percent female managers at level 1 and 26 percent at level 2. We reached 16 percent female managers at all levels.

Gender distribution, managers

Age groups

During the latter years, our primary diversity focus has been on gender diversity due to the reasons stated above. A good example of colleagues coming together to support the diversity agenda is the initiative “More Women” that started in Sweden during 2018. This project aims to do an in-depth evaluation of the Swedish part of our organization, and to identify activities deemed most important for the gender diversity agenda to move forward. The learnings from this initiative will be used to evaluate how to proceed in the rest of the Group. 

During 2018 we had a few cases in the Group where co-workers filed complaints regarding discrimination. The cases have been investigated and closed. None of the cases resulted in legal actions.