A great and meaningful place to work

Gathering opinions to drive continuous improvement

One important tool to monitor progress, detect problem areas and gather people’s opinions is our People Satisfaction Survey, which takes place every second year and is complemented with a condensed “Pulse Check” more frequently.

Our lastest big survey was conducted in 2017. In September 2018 we introduced the condensed version of the survey. The reason behind this add-on survey, the Pulse Check, is the need for agility in a dynamic environment, where a 24-month lead-time for the follow-up might be too long. 

In the 2017 survey results, the Group’s net promoter score, eNPS decreased from 46 to 26. This can be explained by the challenging period, with changes in organization, management and strategy, that preceded the survey. Based on the 2017 results and the following dialogue, we have during 2018 taken initiatives to address weak areas:

  • management meetings on a continental level that involve more people in order to improve communication and dialogue and improve the understanding of the strategy and business plan
  • new tools for leadership development such as a Dialogue map and 360 tools that will be rolled out in 2019 to enhance self conscious leadership skills and methods
  • new organization with clarification on roles and responsibilities
  • launch of manager communication support

During 2019 the work will continue with clarification and increased awareness of the business plan through the performance and development talks, with the ambition of breakdown into goals for teams and individuals to improve focus and prioritisations, reduce stress and strengthen the feeling of context. 

Despite our efforts, the eNPS 2018 was slightly lower than the previous survey at 22 (26). One reason can be that it takes time for improvement initiatives to reach out and have effect. We will continue to monitor the development regularly and act on results in order to reach our overall goal for co-worker satisfaction, which is an eNPS of more than 50 by 2026.

The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a way of measuring loyalty and pride in the organization. It measures the likelihood of whether a co-worker would be willing to recommend your organization as a place to work.


Dialogue map
A kind of “game” designed to create discussion and ultimately awareness relating to different leadership styles and ways of solving dilemmas. Especially intended for leaders of Höganäs.


360 tools
The 360 tool is a process where a person gets structured feedback from subordinates, colleagues and supervisors. This is then compared with a similarly structured self-evaluation. The result helps the person understand how she or he is perceived as a leader and what areas to develop.