A great and meaningful place to work

We strive to be an attractive employer

We attract and recruit people by being true to our values as a responsible employer and by being up to date in our approach concerning employer branding and tools for seamless candidate experience. Our focus during 2018 has been to strengthen our internal compensation and benefit competence and to strengthen the processes, systems and control functions by establishing standardized ways of working and a joint recruitment system. 

Our total offer means that we are taking into consideration both our culture, a safe and healthy work environment, development opportunities, as well as market based compensation and benefits. By meeting different needs depending on family and life situation, and working according to the total offer principles, we can be flexible and meet the expectations that characterize today’s labour market and thus attract and retain the right competencies. We should always offer at least minimum wage in each country where we operate. When it comes to general employment standards and terms, we acknowledge that we need to do a more thorough assessment, primarily in countries where legislation is weak concerning labour standards and human rights.

Total offer principles

Total offer principles mean taking into account all aspects of the co-workers’ lives, including work-life balance and allow for flexibility and accessibility based on their needs. One achievement during 2018 was the introduction of a new benefit portal in Sweden. The benefit portal makes it possible for the co-worker to choose between available benefits according to personal needs such as insurances, household services and health promotion activities.