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Making powder technology first choice

Alloy and material development

New powder concepts

Our new high precision toolbox for customising Fe+Cu+C mixes is a proof of our constant search for solutions that will take powder metallurgy to the next level. Providing benefits such as significantly improved Cu distribution and dimensional stability, it enables production with extremely tight tolerances, minimum scrap and less machining.

High precision toolbox

Cost effective alloys

We continuously strive to develop new cost effective powder alloys that will further strengthen the competitiveness of PM technology. Recently developed examples are Astaloy® CrA, which is a robust pre-alloyed Cr material for medium to high strength applications, and Distaloy® AQ, which is a lean diffusion-alloyed material optimised for manufacturing of heat treated metal powder components.

Astaloy®  Distaloy®

Smart mix solutions

Smart powder mix solutions can be tailor-made to maximise productivity, performance and cost for a specific component application by combining our high-quality powder grades, additives and mixes.

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Brazing filler metal

Our materials expertise to identify optimum, cost-efficient brazing filler metals and pastes. This included development of new filler metal if needed. The process know-how to ensure optimum production efficiency and quality.

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