Safety at Höganäs

We are operating in an advanced technical industry with production of metal powders, where safety always comes first. Our vision of safety is zero accidents and we have set a target to be the benchmark in the steel industry by the end of 2019.

Safety is a top priority for us. It is one of the group-wide initiatives that Höganäs has been working on for many years. The reinforced strategy forward is to create a Zero Accident culture that provides safe and healthy workplaces for everyone, everywhere. We work systematically toward establishing state-of-the-art safe workplaces through:'

  • Identifying high-risk workplaces and eliminating risks.
  • All accidents, incidents and identified risks being reported, investigated and mitigated with the highest priority.
  • Introducing a leading and targeted “risk reduction performance indicator”.
  • Creating a sound and high standard safety culture characterized by active involvement by all supported by a competent leadership.


Examples of safety measures

We have introduced the Dialogue Map, a table game that focuses on safety. It is our next step towards the Zero Accident vision. By playing the game together, all Höganäs employees get the chance to discuss different workplace safety issues within their team. 

At the annealing and processing facility in Tonbridge in the UK, several safety measures have been taken recently. One of them is replacing the solid steel stair plates with open stair treads, which eliminates the risk of powder build-up and the potential hazard of slipping.

A new system for reporting safety issues in the workplace is being implemented at Höganäs manufacturing units worldwide. The system is called MIA, and its goal is to find hazards before an accident happens. The experiences and knowledge captured in the MIA system can be spread globally, so that all Höganäs facilities can learn from each other and become safer.