Deposition techniques

Powder and process match performance

The range of surfacing equipment techniques and metal powders in use has grown in pace with the thermal surfacing industry. Our range of nickel-, iron- and cobalt-based atomised powders have been developed to meet the needs of specific thermal surfacing equipment and application. The surfacing equipment that serve our powders serve are listed below.

Laser cladding

Laser cladding is a technique that bonds alloys to the surface with a low degree of dilution and it is particularly suited for use in high volume automated applications.

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PTA surfacing

Ideal for high unit volume automated applications, such as thermal surfacing of exhaust valves, this technique offers low base metal dilution and can be used with a wide range of consumables. 

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Flame spraying

This two-step process (spraying followed by fusing) results in a dense coating and a metallurgical bond. It is easy to automate and can be adapted for the spraying of cylindrical parts.

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Powder welding

Powder welding gives a smooth, dense coating, which can often be used with little or no further machining. The torches are simple to use – only the flame requires adjustment.

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Application development