Abril Industrial Waxes

Abril Industrial Waxes

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Abril Industrial Waxes is a world leader in wax technologies. We take pride in being a niche manufacturer, efficient and flexible, with the know-how to produce unique products in close collaboration with our clients.

As a niche manufacturer, but with a solid base in amide wax technology, Abril Industrial Waxes believes efficiency and flexibility are the main drivers to produce unique products in close collaboration with our clients.  

With many years of experience in product development and process manipulation, often driven by the exacting requirements of our customers, Abril Industrial Waxes is able to offer solutions to your custom blends, toll production, and unique wax alloys requirements.

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ISO Certificates

Abril Industrial Waxes are certificated acording to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Our History

In 1945 Austrian chemist, inventor and world expert in waxes, Dr Leo Ivanovsky, formed Abril Industrial Waxes in Bridgend, South Wales. A number of patents were granted to the company and Abril’s hard, brittle, high-melting-point amide waxes soon became synthetic alternatives to carnauba waxes.

This was shortly after the Second World War, and it is believed that the development of amide waxes was accelerated partly due to the shortage of carnauba during and after the war. At the time carnauba was a key ingredient in boot polish, and as the war saw millions of men marching in leather boots, the demand for products that could keep their feet dry had been steadily increasing.

In the following decades Abril Industrial Waxes was celebrated for its pioneering work and its development of the use of amide waxes in plastics where there is food contact. After Ivanovsky’s death in the mid-1960s, his business partner and colleague, Alexander Groszek, stayed on with the company until it was sold in 1975. Abril Industrial Waxes was then moved to it's current location in Pyle, South Wales.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Abril Industrial Waxes developed into a successful niche manufacturer and service provider, further establishing it as a world expert and market leader in waxes.

The Höganäs Group acquired Abril Industrial Waxes in June 2015.

Our History