Abril Industrial Waxes

Foundry resin flow additives

Abril’s wax products are nearly all available in a variety of forms including three types of powder.  These powders are formed by high speed atomisation which results in the product being formed into very small spheres.  The flow characteristics of these spheres are outstanding.  When mixed with granular products such as foundry resins and casting sands they confer much improved flow characteristics to the main bulk of the product and enable fast, accurate filling of mould cavities leaving no residues after firing.  Recommended for these applications are ABRIL 10 fine powder and, if superfine characteristics are required, ABRIL 1071.

Recommended products

ABRIL 1071

Abril 10-series products

ABRIL 1021
ABRIL 1031
ABRIL 1041
ABRIL 1051
ABRIL 1061
ABRIL 1071
ABRIL 1091