Abril Industrial Waxes

Abril Industrial Waxes

Metal lubricants

Completely organic synthetic waxes provide clean, non-toxic lubricants which leave no residues when metal parts are annealed. Typical applications occur in the manufacture of collapsible metal tubes, made at high speed using deep draw technology, and extrusion formed parts where efficient lubrication is essential to preserve the life of dies and stamps. Metal powders for sintering may be efficiently compacted using superfine lubricants.

ABRIL 1071 is the recommended superfine, powdered, high temperature lubricant for use either alone, or in combination with other types of lubricant when special circumstances exist.

Recommended product

Widely applicable as an additive in the compounding and processing of thermoplastics, performing as an outstanding internal and external lubricant. 

Non-toxic product. 

F&DA approved for many food contact applications.

Melting point: 140 ° C