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September 05

Meet us at Euro PM 2018

At Euro PM2018 we are introducing Auto Explorer, a visual guide to new opportunities for your business.

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August 31

Höganäs enters the ceramic market with the acquisition of H.C. Starck division

In March 2018, Höganäs acquired the H.C. Starck Group’s Surface Technology & Ceramic Powder division, STC, a leading producer and developer of non-oxide ceramic powders. Höganäs sees a bright future for its new business and aims to further develop its new portfolio.

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August 20

Magnus Eriksson new Chief Financial Officer at Höganäs AB

On 1 September, Magnus Eriksson takes up the position of Chief Financial Officer at Höganäs AB. He joins the company from Sandvik Hyperion, where he has been Vice President Finance & IT.

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July 25

A green technology designed to address water shortages and contamination

Höganäs announces its conditional approval by the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its Cleanit® LC technology, a groundbreaking process solution created to rid drinking water of contaminants such as hexavalent chromium, arsenic, lead, selenium, phosphates and radioactive isotopes.

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July 18

Meet us at Wold PM 2018

At World PM 2018 we are introducing Auto Explorer app, a visual guide to new opportunities for your business. Höganäs can help you develop compact, cost-effective and high-performance components for both electric cars and hybrid models as well as for conventional combustion-engine vehicles.

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The Surface Technology & Ceramic Powders (STC) division from H.C. Starck is now a part of Höganäs