Unique plant for renewable energy gas and bio-coke

In June 2018, we inaugurated the world’s first plant for renewable energy gas and bio-coke. The ultimate plan is for this technique to be made available for use by the entire iron and steel industry. The plant can eventually revolutionize the industry’s efforts in phasing out fossil fuels.

In November 2017, we broke ground in Höganäs by starting construction on the world´s first plant for renewable energy gas and bio-coke. June 2018 it was inaugurated.


A number of lab studies were performed in the early stages of the project, demonstrating the possibility of gasification of biomass to synthesise gas, hydrogen and biochar. The process is called Woodroll®. To verify the results and economical aspects, tests on an industrial scale over a longer period are necessary.

The Woodroll plant was inaugurated june 2018 and will run as a pilot for about a year. The pilot-scale project in Höganäs provides a unique opportunity to evaluate process coal from various raw materials, to learn how to use renewable energy gas, and to make an evaluation of the new technology on-site.

This project is a joint research and development project between the Swedish steel industry, Höganäs AB, Cortus Energy AB, various universities and the Swedish authorities Swedish Energy Agency and Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. 

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