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Our planet is facing many challenges. Solving them will require companies that are innovative, ambitious, creative, sustainable, far-sighted, inspirational, and that see the big picture. And that is exactly what we at Höganäs aspire to. To get there, we need to hire the best people, we need to nurture them, stimulate them and connect them with our other talents around the world. Read about some of our employees and their experiences from working at Höganäs.

We are ready to play our part in creating a better future. Will you join us? We are looking forward to receiving your general application!

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Interested to work at Höganäs in the US? In order to follow US laws you need to fill in our US general application. This is only for the US, if you also are interested to work for Höganäs in the rest of the world you also need to fill in our general application below.

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Within Höganäs we work with recruitment with respect for all applicants, we work effective, transparent and towards diversity.

Please know that we only consider and accept a general application sent via this page. Also see our open vacancies.

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