Brazing – joining innovations

Brazing – joining innovations

Pastes and filler metals

Fine-tuned brazing filler metal and pastes

BrazeLet® brazing filler metals from Höganäs are fine-tuned brazing powders that are usually applied as paste to the parts to be brazed. All BrazeLet products are gas-atomized into well-defined chemical compositions, which determines the properties during brazing and of the final joint. The range includes nickel- and iron-based brazing filler metals.

Choosing the right brazing filler metal

BrazeLet encompasses an outstanding range of high-temperature brazing filler metals. These products are used as a base for solutions that perfectly match your specific application requirements. Besides our existing product range, we offer development of new filler metals in collaboration with our custumers.

BrazeLet F300 copper-free stainless-steel brazing

Copper-free stainless-steel brazing is a good method to use when there is a need to keep copper content levels at a minimum level in the end application. Oil coolers and brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) are two prominent applications where copper-free stainless-steel brazing is preferred.

BrazeLet® F300

BrazeLet State of paste

Höganäs BrazeLet® pastes go through a series of stages during a standard brazing cycle.

The paste starts of as wet, containing: metal powder, polymer and solvent. As temperature increases the solvent evaporates leaving dry paste. Next, the poly - mer burns off and leaves only the metal particles, which then start to sinter. Lastly the melt initiates and the filler metal starts to flow and fill gaps by capillary force.

When the different stages occur depends on the paste and brazing filler metal.

For more information on BrazeLet and other Höganäs products, please contact your local sales representative.

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