Cored wires

The high deposition rates and good arc performance of flux-cored and metal-cored wires have increased their use and applications areas in all industry segments.

Flux-cored wires are commonly formulated with a high percentage of iron powder in their fill, which allows for very high deposition rates in applications such as vertical up welding. Metal-cored wires have even higher deposition rates than flux-cored wires and solid wires as the core mainly consists of metal powders. For these wires, choosing the right iron powder is even more critical for final product performance. 

For both flux-cored and metal-cored wires, the manufacturing process is decisive in achieving the desired product quality. Consistent grain size distribution, powder density and flow characteristics during form and fill of the wires are all extremely important. 

Höganäs’ specially designed iron powders for cored wires help meet all these criteria. At the same time, they significantly improve spatter levels, arc stability, slag detachability and bead shape, which in turn translates into better product performance. 

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