Plasma spraying powders

Höaganäs molybdenum based plasma spray powders are characterized by their exceptional sliding properties and wear resistance, Höganäs markets its molybdenum-based spray powders under the AMPERIT® brand name.

Due to its low friction coefficient, high sliding wear resistance and ductility, AMPERIT molybdenum (Mo) spray powder is often used to manufacture engine pistons and synchronizer rings in the automotive industry. 

Molybdenum based coatings reduce the friction wear caused by the up and down motion of the piston rings in the cylinder bore.

Coatings containing agglomerated and sintered molybdenum-carbide (Mo-Mo2C) powder used for atmospheric plasma spraying are even harder and more abrasion resistant than pure molybdenum coatings or coatings containing nickel self-fluxing alloys.

AMPERIT® Molybdenum (Mo) based

AMPERIT 105 Mo, agglomerated sintered
AMPERIT 106 Mo, sintered
AMPERIT 109 Mo, agglomerated sintered