High velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) themal spraying powders

Nickel-based metal powders for HVOF themal spraying depositing and bonding coatings.

AMPERIT® Nickel (Ni) based powders

AMPERIT metal and alloy powders are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from simple bonding layers for thermally sprayed oxide coatings to functional coatings that provide effective protection against corrosion – even in extreme conditions. Nickel-based HVOF thermal spraying powders are characterized by their resistance to oxidation. For example, nickel-aluminum and nickel-chromium powders are wellsuited for bonding and intermediate layers applied under ceramic coatings to protect parts from corrosion.
AMPERIT 176 Ni, gas atomized
AMPERIT 250 Ni-Cr 80/20, water atomized
AMPERIT 251 Ni-Cr 80/20, gas atomized
AMPERIT 280 Ni-Al 95/5, water atomized
AMPERIT 281 Ni-Al 95/5, gas atomized
AMPERIT 380 Ni-Cr-Mo-Nb, gas atomized (Ni Superalloy 625)
AMPERIT 407 Ni Superalloy 718

AMPERWELD® Nickel (Ni) based


Nickel (Ni) based powders

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