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High-alloyed nickel-based metal powders for AM

It goes without saying that nickel is the principal element of nickel alloys. It is a highly versatile material able to alloy with most other metals. Popular nickel-based superalloys are Haynes® 282® and forAM® alloy 625 and 718, equivalent to Inconel 625 and Inconel 718. These alloys are used for a wide range of demanding 3D printing applications thanks to its high strength in high temperatures and its good corrosion resistance properties in extreme environments. Aircraft gas turbines, steam turbine power plants and nuclear power systems are just a few of the demanding applications where nickel alloys are used. Our forAM atomised metal powders are engineered for the specific requirements of additive manufacturing.

forAM® Nickel-based alloys (Ni)

High-quality nickel-based powders are irreplaceable in demanding industries. Even at the highest temperatures, our forAM powders have excellent properties such as high strength and oxidation resistance, which make them your ideal choice for building complex parts for high temperature and/or high strength applications.

Equivalent to Inconel 625.

Equivalent to Inconel 625.

Equivalent to Inconel 625.

Equivalent to Inconel 718.

Equivalent to Inconel 718.

Equivalent to Inconel 718.

For more information of the product, see our product portfolio brochure (pdf).

Looking for a nickel alloy that is tougher than the rest?

forAM® Haynes® 282® alloy is a strengthened nickel-based superalloy developed for high temperature structural applications, particularly for aero and industrial gas turbine engines. It possesses a good combination of creep strength, thermal stability, weldability and fabricability.

forAM Haynes 282 alloy has exceptional creep strength in the temperature range of 650-930 °C (1200-1700 °F). Thanks to the excellent rupture strength at 700 °C, forAM Haynes 282 alloy offers both potential cost savings and improved manufacturability.

The forAM Haynes 282 alloy powder is part of the Höganäs product portfolio of additive manufacturing metal powders. Haynes 282 are registered trademarks of Haynes International, Inc.

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