Nickel brazing filler metal

The BrazeLet® BNi family offers BNi-based filler metal powders suitable for different applications, brazing conditions and braze properties. Applications are found in a wide range of automotive as well as industrial areas. Typical automotive applications are EGR-coolers (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) for diesel as well as gasoline engines, catalytic converters and fuel rails. Brazed plate heat exchangers, heaters and boilers are common industrial applications.

BrazeLet® BNi

BrazeLet BNi1
BrazeLet BNi1A
BrazeLet BNi2
BrazeLet BNi2DW-9003
BrazeLet BNi2DW-9201
BrazeLet BNi2P-9012
BrazeLet BNi2R-8501
BrazeLet BNi3
BrazeLet BNi4
BrazeLet BNi5
BrazeLet BNi5DW-9201
BrazeLet BNi5P-9012
BrazeLet BNi5R-8501
BrazeLet BNi6
BrazeLet BNi7
BrazeLet BNi7DW-9201
BrazeLet BNi7R-8501
BrazeLet BNi613
BrazeLet BNi613D-9004
BrazeLet BNi613D-9302
BrazeLet BNi613DW-9003
BrazeLet BNi613DW-9201
BrazeLet BNi6132DW-9205
BrazeLet BNi613P-9011
BrazeLet BNi613P-9012
BrazeLet BNi613R-8501
BrazeLet Ni623
BrazeLet Ni685