Inductor Solutions

Setting a new standard for powder cores

Superior cost-performance

Höganäs’ new iron-based material provides a unique combination of high magnetic saturation and low magnetic losses. The result is leading to increased efficiency and a reduction in size and weight. With Inductit® powder cores as well as a high volume, high quality production capacity with worldwide operations, Höganäs has the potential to meet both current and future demand for inductor cores.

Efficient manufacturing of large inductors

The powder core portfolio from Höganäs contains cores in various sizes and includes some of the largest powder cores available on the market. Thus, Inductit provides you with an opportunity to reduce your costs when building very large inductors due to a simplified and more cost-efficient manufacturing process.

Suitable for a wide frequency range

Thanks to very low eddy current losses, Inductit powder cores are especially suitable for applications operating at frequencies of 2-50 kHz, such as solar and wind power.

Inductit® Powder Cores

Inductit C-80