Alloy development

Alloy development

Constant search for new 3D printing powder solutions

We continuously develops new alloy powders to fill gaps in the established product portfolio. The requirements can be identified by a customer or within Höganäs.

The alloy development can range from a simple tweaking of composition of an existing alloy to creating a totally new alloy based on requirements of the printed part. In the latter case, our engineers set up a hypothesis on how a material can interact with the printing process in order to reach the performance goals. Then, our alloy labs use integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) to create a cloud of compositions that fulfil the criteria of the hypothesis. A few are selected and powder is produced in our pilot-scale atomising units followed by printing of parts either in-house, at our selected partners or directly at the customer. Testing of the parts is also a task included in the alloy development, for which Höganäs is well equipped.

At present, we have ongoing alloy development activities in the following fields: tool steels, nickel-based super alloys, low-alloy steels and aluminium alloys.


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