Powder mixes

Höganäs delivers powder solutions for the component manufacturer in press-ready flex-bags which are ideal for transporting and emptying directly onto your press for optimal performance.


  • Press-ready to your workshop
  • Tailor-made properties to for best productivity, performance and cost
  • Access to a wide range of different alloys and additives
  • Worldwide support and service to optimise your performance


Bonded powder mix for excellent lubrication and good filling.

For excellent lubrication and good filling

Starmix® 500i is a bonded mix with excellent lubrication. It works well for tall parts and complicated shapes requiring additional lubrication and by applying warm die compaction, its properties can be further improved.

Good filling characteristics, another feature of the Starmix 500i, enables higher compaction rates as well as improved part precision.

As the Starmix 500i is free from zinc the staining tendency is low. Moreover, as there will be no zinc residues in the furnace, the need for furnace maintenance is reduced.

Main product benefits

• Excellent lubrication
• Good flow and filling
• High green strength
• Zinc free with low staining tendency
• Good DC stability
• Star symbol in metal powder

Zinc-free, press-ready bonded mix suitable for more complex components and parts, such as synchronizer hubs, VVT parts and planetary carriers.

For more precise, consistent, stain-free components

Starmix® BOOST is a new zinc-free, press-ready bonded mix designed to tick all your metal powder performance criteria. A perfect blend that performs as well as its name suggests, especially when compacting more complex components and parts, such as synchronizer hubs, VVT parts and planetary carriers.

With the exceptional component precision and consistency achieved, it is possible to reduce scatter (weight and height) by more than 50%, which can reduce machining, inspection and scrap costs.

Main product benefits

• Excellent filling for compaction of complex parts and increased productivity
• Reduces machining, inspection & scrap costs
• Reduces tool wear
• Enables stain-free components
• Reduces furnace maintenance
• Sintered synchronizer part


Introducing our latest powder mix in the Intralube series, Intralube GS
With the press-ready mix Intralube GS you can increase productivity and reduce scrap rates.
The green strength of the Intralube GS powder mix is up to 80 percent better compared to mixes with Amide wax. It is designed with a high green strength without impairing on other properties such as density or lubrication. Using Intralube GS you can make much better use of material and energy. Thanks to the high green strength, machining time gets shorter, machining tools are lasting longer and the scrap rates are radically reduced.
Powder mix for excellent lubrication.

The new Intralube® product group is a range of press-ready mixes that will improve your pressing and sintering process by optimising lubrication and ensuring spotless sintering. Intralube E is specially designed to work in a wide temperature interval and also in warm die compaction.
The excellent lubrication of Intra

ube E provides improved surface quality. The picture below shows the difference of the surface quality between Premix Amide wax (left) and Intralube E (right).

Main product features

• Excellent lubrication
• Zinc-free
• Low staining tendency
• Suitable for warm die compaction
• Press tool

Upgrade your green machining capacity.

The high green strength of Intralube® GS enables machining of green parts, a more cost-effective and timesaving way than machining sintered parts. Thanks to the high green strength, the risk of forming green cracks during compaction is reduced. In addition, it enables easier handling of green parts and less wear on machining tools. It also reduces your overall scrap rates.

The combination of excellent green strength, good fillability and lubrication makes Intralube GS a superb choice for volume production of a large number of components.

Main product features

  • Excellent green strength
  • Facilitate green machining
  • Good fillability
  • Good lubrication
Powder mix solution for demanding compaction jobs and higher density levels

Intralube® HD is our latest development of press-ready mixes tailored for excellent lubrication and high compacted densities by utilising warm-die compaction.
The excellent lubricity makes it possible to compact tall parts, as well as components with demanding aspect ratios.

Intralube HD can also be used with lower lubricant addition, thus gaining even higher compacted densities.

Main product benefits

• Excellent lubrication
• Higher green strength
• Higher compacted densities
• Enabling compaction of tall components
• Improved surface quality

Sponge-based press-ready mix that achieves excellent green strength.

Intralube® S is a sponge-based press-ready mix that achieves excellent green strength, making it suitable for low-density applications such as shock absorber parts and self-lubricating bearings.

With a high flow rate and good filling characteristics, Intralube S provides an opportunity to increase the production rate. The mix also reduces tool wear and minimises risk of green cracks thanks to better lubrication. Finally, as the mix is free from zinc, it produces clean parts and minimises residues in the furnace.

Main product benefits

• Excellent green strength
• Improved filling
• Better lubrication
• Zinc-free
• Shock absorber parts


Press-ready mix for the warm compaction process giving excellent conditions for high product performance.

For excellent part performance and consistency

Densmix® offers you a press-ready mix for your warm compaction process giving excellent conditions for high product performance. It is a bonded mix which improves part precision, tolerances, and reduces dusting. It also increase apparent density (AD), flow and minimises segregation.

The tailor-made lubricant system is designed to work at optimum temperatures in warm compaction and gives high and uniform densities and properties.


A press-ready mix that solves many common problems.
Press-ready mixes

A press-ready mix is a common problem-solver and the answer to many different demands. A basic demand is a consistent product flow from the flex-bag containing the mix. To ensure this, the materials as well as the mixing and handling process have been optimised over the years. Every powder particle has travelled a long way to be in the precise spot where it is needed.

Main product benefits

• Controlled and consistent quality
• Less investment and lower overhead costs
• Lower inventory costs
• Access to all alloys, mixes and additives in the Höganäs portfolio
• Technical support

Additives in mixes

Hard-phase additive powders for usage in powder mixes for pressed and sintered components in wear applications are also offered. These additives are produced through water-atomization, gas-atomization or a micronization process.

A simple way of improving the process is to use a material with enhanced machinability. By adding small portions of machinability enhancing materials to the powder mix for component production, you can significantly increase tool life (or productivity) and improve the surface finish of the components.

Main benefits:

  • Higher productivity
  • Increased tool life
  • Improved surface finish
  • Machining operation

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