Hot Polymer Filtration

Stainless Steel powders

Höganäs' filtration media

The production method for this special material is based on high-pressure water atomization. A liquid metal stream is shattered by water jets into small particles. These grains have an extremely irregular shape.

The porosity volume and particle surface area are dictated by the size and shape of the powder particles. Larger grains tend to give a higher porosity, but a lower active surface area. Finer particles give a higher active surface area, but a somewhat lower porosity volume. The high active surface area ensures good cleaning during filtration.

The filtration particles are made of stainless steel alloys specially developed for hot polymer filtration. The chemical composition is important for the particles’ strength and corrosion resistance.

The alloys used should be strong enough to minimize collapse during filtration and offer stable pressure during the filtration cycle. As the particles are not brittle, they do not crack up during filtration. Consequently there is no risk of the nozzles clogging.

Metal powders contribute to sustainable development

Metal powder technology provides endless opportunities; not only does it enable our customers to reduce their material and energy consumption, but it also helps them use new and better techniques that make final products more efficient and less expensive.

We believe that the inherent power of metal powders can be utilised to a much larger extent than it is today. We are also convinced that metal powders can contribute to sustainable development. With metal powder solutions, we can contribute to solving many of society’s pressing challenges, such as resource scarcity and the need for renewable energy.

"We inspire the industry to make more with less because we want to create a sustainable world for future generations."