BrazeLet<sup>®</sup> Stop-off products

BrazeLet® Stop-off products

– to perfect your brazing applications

A stop-off brazing solution that prevents flow of molten brazing filler metals

BrazeLet® Stop-off is an effective product when you would like to prevent flow of molten brazing filler metal into areas where it is not wanted or needed. The BrazeLet Stop-off product family includes three different products, for either general stop-off brazing use or optimized for easier removal after brazing when a shiny surface is preferred.

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These stop-off brazing solutions act as a barrier to the flow of molten brazing filler metal and consist of ready-to-use water-based suspensions designed for general use. They work very well in high-temperature brazing together with any of Höganäs’ brazing filler metals. The stop-offs can be used on any ferrous or non-ferrous base material, except for reactive metals such as titanium and zirconium and their alloys. They work in both vacuum and controlled atmosphere brazing.

Three stop-off brazing products are available. BrazeLet Stop-off 10 is recommended for general brazing applications, and especially for application on fixtures. It can be applied by brushing, dispensing or spraying. BrazeLet Stop-off 11 has the same properties as BrazeLet Stop-off 10, but is specifically designed for application with a marker pen. You can read more about BrazeLet Stop-off 11 pen here. BrazeLet Stop-off 20 is recommended when the best surface finish after brazing is needed. This stop-off brazing product is particularly easy to remove after brazing.

All three BrazeLet Stop-offs are odourless and completely water-based. Höganäs’ stop-off brazing pen is refillable, which decreases your costs and offers a more sustainable use.

BrazeLet® Stop-off products

BrazeLet 11 is specifically designed for application with a marker pen. You can read more about BrazeLet Stop-off 11 pen here.

Höganäs’ stop-off brazing pen is refillable, which decreases your costs and offers a more sustainable use.

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