Services offerings

Services offerings

Sampling & prototypes

Prototyping is an important step in the development of new applications. In our Customer Development Centres, we help our customers by minimising the high costs, risk and long lead times related to making prototypes from pressing tools. Our prototyping services offer a fast and cost-effective alternative for verification of new PM concepts. We also offer pilot scale production.

For your prototyping and testing needs, we offer PM blanks, samples of PM powders or mixes and standard PM testing bars. For electromagnetic applications, we offer blanks as well as standard and customized components made by Somaloy® – our unique soft magnetic composite technology, providing high performance and low losses.

Our prototyping services:

  • Advanced CAD and FEA support
  • Machining capabilities
  • Testing and confirmation of real component performance
  • Helical PM gear with syncro features
  • Consultancy in process-design and equipment investment
  • Cost and energy reduction
  • Cycle optimization