Inductor Solutions

Inductor Solutions

Höganäs Inductor Solutions for the next generation of inverters

Inductit® provides more flexibility to your innovations. A neat, compact inductor that paves the way for the production of slimmer, more streamlined inverters which appeal to modern tastes.

Providing unique flexibility for electronics design

Inductit provides more flexibility to your innovations. A neat, compact inductor paves the way for the production of slimmer, more streamlined inverters that appeal to modern tastes. Choose Inductit, and prepare to develop the next generation of inverters.

Flexible solution

Thanks to enhanced efficiency, our inductors are more compact. In combination with the water-sealing feature and the pot core design that prevents magnetic flux leakage, it means you can place them wherever you want inside the inverter. Outside the cabinet is also an option.

High performance at moderate cost

Höganäs’ unique iron-based material provides a winning combination of high magnetic saturation and low magnetic losses. With its cylindrical shape and highly compact design, Inductit offers greater resource and energy efficiency than any traditional inductor model. This in turn helps you develop more competitive inverters.

Customised to your needs

Inductit is available in a wide size range and can be optimised to fit your application requirements. Whether your main concerns are inductor size (height or width), efficiency, maximum operating temperature or cost, our inductors can be customised to help you reach your goals.

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Ready for rapid product start-up?

Ready for rapid product start-up?

Find out how Inductit® can lower your production costs and solve your supply problems at the same time improving the performance of your products.

Fill in the inductor design request form and send it to:

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Combining metal powder innovation and efficient geometry

Inductit supports your drive to produce cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solutions. Being made from iron-based, recycled metal powders in a virtually zero waste process, the new inductor minimises the consumption of raw materials.

By using iron powder with significantly improved magnetic performance in combination with the highly efficient Pot Core geometry, we have been able to reduce the inductor’s size and weight to make it more compact than any traditional solution.

All this has been achieved without sacrificing on performance. Thanks to the efficiency-enhancing shape of Inductit and the unique properties of the material itself, performance is actually improved.

Combining metal powder innovation and efficient geometry