Höganäs as a Workplace

A great and meaningful workplace is safe and enables people and teams to perform, explore and develop their potential and grow with the company.

Höganäs aspires to be a company that recognizes and values each individual, their contribution and their potential. We believe that having people who feel acknowledged and have opportunities to develop and grow, are vital to our overall performance and continued progress.

We strive to be a responsible employer that offers a great and meaningful place to work, where individuals and teams can fulfil their potential and ambitions, have a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and be rewarded in a fair and adequate way based on performance and competence.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

Respect, equal treatment and equality are fundamental to our work. We believe that diversity is a success factor, no matter where in the company you work. Our committee for diversity and equality, which mainly operates and focuses on our sites in Sweden, continuously works to highlight these challenging issues in ongoing dialogues with labour union representatives and other key stakeholders. Our internal diversity policy is currently only applicable in Sweden, but dialogue about such a policy across our global operations has been initiated.

We are not satisfied with women making up only 17 percent of our total workforce and it is an area we need to improve. We always strive for an equal gender split in the longlisting of candidates during any recruitment process.

Höganäs conducts salary mappings to identify gender pay gaps and provide a clear picture of how we can improve to reach equal remuneration. We need to make sure that remuneration processes are consistent and based on fair principles and equal treatment. One important aspect is also to find opportunities to encourage more women to move into key competence areas.

Our four leadership principles:

  • We are all leaders
  • We all have potential
  • We are interdependent
  • We learn and develop

Competence development

In times of rapid development and continuous change, our capability to grow competence within the company will be a success factor to future proof our business.

Competence development and opportunities for career progression are fundamental. We have introduced a number of mandatory training programmes, covering, sustainability, energy management, environmental protection and workplace safety. We also offer and encourage employees to undergo training in languages, communication, leadership and different powder metal technology areas.

Case stories

“Respect, equal treatment and equality are fundamental for how we work.”

Therése Jönmark
Senior Vice President Group HR




A great and meaningful place to work