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Höganäs is a creative workplace where individuals and teams thrive, collaborate and have fun. A workplace where you can make a difference. Since we are constantly developing and growing, we are always on the lookout for new talent. Try a career at Höganäs!

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Once an employee, always an employee? Well maybe not, but since we believe in our people and encourage new initiatives, there is a great potential for a long, successful and global career within Höganäs. Based on your strengths, we offer diversified career paths along with geographical and cross-functional mobility.

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Competence development

For Höganäs, competence development is as much about knowledge and capability as motivation. We equip our employees for the future in the best possible way by offering learning initiatives to develop their competence. During 2016 we introduced what we call a People and Competence Review process with the aim to connect the people and competence agenda with the business strategy and needs. We evaluate the business needs and define the people and competence implications based on them. In this way we build a sustainable path for growing the business competence in a strategic and focused way.

In many parts of the world new operational staff undergoes training designed for their individual position. They are also given a mentor. Office workers must complete a number of trainings ranging from leadership development to work environment and labour rights. We further encourage employees to develop their skills. In Sweden workers can apply for sponsorships and scholarships for various academic courses they choose to take during their spare time.

We believe that we do a lot, however, our next step is to set standards and a systematic approach to ensure that we act as one company when relevant.

How we lead

At Höganäs, we aspire to be the world leader in metal powder technology and become an influencer in the markets we target – this is a bold ambition. To succeed, we rely on everyone’s leadership and commitment.

We have defined four principles for how we lead:

  • We are all leaders: No matter where in the organization we work,we are responsible for leading ourselves. That means taking responsibility for our assignment, our own performance and development, and being a good colleague who supports others to grow and develop.
  • We all have potential: We believe in everyone’s potential and ambition to take on responsibility and contribute to both our workplace and our business.
  • We learn and develop: As Höganäs employees, wew perform and develop our work as individuals and in teams. We understand the importance of learning new things and developing our competence – this benefits both ourselves and the company.
  • We are interdependent: we acknowledge that we are interdependent and understand that we need to collaborate for the good of Höganäs. Therefore, our way of leading aims to inspire everyone to take responsibility, work together and develop competence.

Does this sound like you? Then you definitely should send us an application. We are always looking for new talent to strengthen our organisation.

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