Höganäs BrazeLet® pastes

A brazing paste is a homogeneous mixture of the brazing filler metal powder (about 80-90wt.-%) and water or oil based flux-free binder. The binders are removed in the furnace during brazing.  The formulation is adapted according to factors like furnace conditions and the paste application method. Höganäs binders are developed to minimize polymer content and allow higher metal content in the pastes. This allows for more brazed joints per kilogram of paste and reduces the impact on the furnace and on the brazing quality of the parts.

The rheological behavior of the brazing paste is designed to suit the different application methods. In general, thin layer application methods like roller coating, thin printing or spraying require more liquid formulations, whereas dispensing or thick layer printing requires a higher viscosity.

Höganäs offers customized brazing pastes as well as several types of paste packaging; syringes, various sizes of cartridges, cans and larger buckets are available.

BrazeLet® BNi Pastes

BrazeLet BNi2DW-9003
BrazeLet BNi2DW-9201
BrazeLet BNi2P-9012
BrazeLet BNi2R-8501
BrazeLet BNi5DW-9201
BrazeLet BNi5P-9012
BrazeLet BNi5R-8501
BrazeLet BNi7DW-9201
BrazeLet BNi7R-8501
BrazeLet BNi613D-9004
BrazeLet BNi613D-9302
BrazeLet BNi613DW-9003
BrazeLet BNi613DW-9201
BrazeLet BNi6132DW-9205
BrazeLet BNi613P-9011
BrazeLet BNi613P-9012
BrazeLet BNi613R-8501

BrazeLet® F300 Pastes

BrazeLet F300P-9011 thick layers
BrazeLet F300P-9012 screen printing superior
BrazeLet F300DW-9201