Wear resistance High-speed and Tool steel

Höganäs offers high-quality tool and high-speed steel powders. A few special steel powder grades are also manufactured for wear applications in the same way as High Speed Steel. These materials are produced through a combination of water-atomization and vacuum annealing giving low oxygen contents and a very high degree of consistency. The powders are well-suited for component production by conventional press and sinter techniques.

High-speed & Tool steel powders

The M series high speed steel grades M2 and M3/2 are the most widely used tool steel alloys for PM wear applications. In these materials the alloying elements C, Cr, Mo, V, and W combine to give a carbide structure and strengthened matrix for excellent wear resistance and high temperature properties.

Special grades

OB1 is a powder grade that cost-efficiently combines wear resistance and thermal softening resistance by combining Cr as the main carbide forming element and relatively small amounts of the more expensive carbide forming elements W, Mo and V. The powder grade HCx combines significant wear resistance with a high degree of corrosion resistance. Carbon and the strong carbide forming elements W, Mo, V and Cr produce a uniform dispersion of hard wearing carbides after sintering. The level of Cr ensures stainless corrosion resistance.

Hard-phase additive powders

Hard-phase additive powders for usage in powder mixes for pressed and sintered components in wear applications are also offered. These additives are produced through water-atomization, gas-atomization or a micronization process.

Different types of hard-phase additive powders with either Fe-, Co-, W or Mo-base are available. Using these additives in powder mixes for PM components enhances the wear properties and they can also improve machinability and lubrication.